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Amalia Carandini

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Amalia Carandini

Categories: Direttore di produzione , Producer
Companies: Doc Art S.r.l
City: Roma
Address: Via Domenico Chiodo 2 00154 Roma (RM) Italia
Tel: 0651848796

Amalia Carandini was graduated in “History of the Theater and Entertainment” at the University of Rome. In 1988 she started working as a producer of television and theatrical shows, collaborating with major networks in Italy and abroad. Since 1996 she has also been involved in the staging of cultural events, mainly exhibitions of art and entertainment. In 2003 she opened the independent production company Doc Art. She is Doc Art’s Managing Director and Head of Production. She is responsible for the corporate finances, marketing and relations with distributors and networks. She follows the development and the production of all the Doc Art’s productions.

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Gli Anni delle immagini perdute (85') (2012): Producer