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Evig din

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Evig din

Titolo inglese: Forever yours
Anno: 2006
Durata: 52'
Regista: monica csango
Producer: ola k. hunnes, bjørn eivind aarskog
Distribuzione: Vitagraph s.a.s

Colore: Color
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: hungarian, english, norwegian
Sottotitolo: x
Genere: Biography & History
Paese di produzione: Italia

a grandmother's everlasting love of her husband - who apparently died during wwii - turns into a mystery. her granddaughter discovers a photo from bombay, india; and suspects he did not die.the investigation of their love story becomes an emotional and disturbing journey towards the truth. this mysterious love story is completed with the charismatic grandmother's rare and vivid romantic, pre-wwii film footage.