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Isa 9000

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Isa 9000

Titolo inglese: Isa 9000
Anno: 2002
Durata: 41'
Regista: Angelo Serio
Montatore: maria valerio
Musiche: luigi stazio
Producer: tony de vito

Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: italian- neapolitan
Sottotitolo: english
Genere: Docu-fiction
Paese di produzione: Italia
Stato lavori: pronto
Data Uscita: 02-10-2003

a documentary-fiction on isa danieli.the title of this movie paraphrases the company quality certificate iso 9000. isa danieli posesses certain qualities that enable her to be a genuine actress and woman. every human being, whether good or bad , is aware that his individuality is contained within his dna. is it possible to take one person, clone them, then create another person exactly the same as the first in both a mental and physical capacity? the human genetic makeup and other contingent factors can influence the growth of a child by changing an „x‰ into a „y‰?in a surreal fictitious frame a theatre producer, with the help of some unemployed actors, decided to kidnap and clone isa danieli thereby enabling isa to continue her successful career. isa‚s life story including meetings, places and cultural events, told by the actress herself will show the traits that make up the „personality „ of a human beingthe whole story is told using a modern language that can support the classic pattern of this biography. at the same time however, it gives the idea that through various links and archive images, her past and triumphant experiences have made isa danieli the person she is thus explains the failure of the producer‚s cloning project?the conclusion of the movie will emphasize to all the great depth of love shown this actress. in the final scene all crew members are involved, the actors and the technicians, everyone will rejoice and dance a romantic dance with her, isa danieli.


VI International Panorama of Independent Film Festival of Salonicco Grecia, 2004