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Ispit zrelosti

Titolo inglese: Maturity exam
Anno: 2005
Durata: 56'
Regista: predrag delibasic
Producer: predrag delibasic and pierpaolo loffreda
Distribuzione: Vitagraph s.a.s

Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: serbian
Genere: Investigation, Reportage & Current Affaires
Paese di produzione: Italia

it is august 2004 and predrag delibasic, retired professor of the belgrade faculty of drama arts, is coming back to sarajevo, where he was born and graduated from high-school in 1947. in 1987 he and his school-mates celebrated the 40th anniversary of their graduation. their next meeting should have been five years later, in 1992. that year the bosnian serb military and paramilitary units surrounded sarajevo and started destroying it and its citizens...