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FIORI DI STRADA - We Are Not the Crazy Ones

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FIORI DI STRADA - We Are Not the Crazy Ones

Titolo inglese: FIORI DI STRADA - We Are Not the Crazy Ones
Anno: 2015
Durata: 77'
Regista: Olga Pohankova
Direttore della fotografia: Olga Pohankova
Musiche: Maria Gstättner & Stefan Heckel
Producer: Diego Fiori

Colore: Color / B&W
Formato: DV
Lingua originale: italian, spanish
Sottotitolo: italian, english
Genere: Human Interest
Tema: Diritti umani
Paese di produzione: Italia
Stato lavori: pronto
Data Uscita: 14-05-2015

Nome: Olga
Cognome: Pohankova

The film is a reflection on the paradoxically topical and extraordinary work of Carlo Ginzburg, I Benandanti (English: The Good Walkers). According to a medieval tradition, the Benandanti were acquired to fight witches, ogres and demons who used to destroy harvests and abducted children. Who are the Benandanti of today and who are the witches and ogres of our times? Can these assigned roles be questioned? Relating to this concept, FIORI DI STRADA (English: Flowers of the Streets) symbolically narrates and analyzes three stories, trying to recover the sense of truth and the truth of sense, starting from relations between individuals and respect that every human statement deserves.