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For yves montand

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For yves montand

Titolo inglese: For yves montand
Anno: 2002
Durata: 55'
Regista: Nino Bizzarri
Autore: Nino Bizzarri
Producer: rai-international
Distribuzione: RAI TRADE

Colore: Color
Formato: 16 mm
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: italian
Sottotitolo: english
Genere: Arts & Culture & Biography
Paese di produzione: Italia

“for yves_montand”_tells the story of the great singer, his life, his career, his movies.but it’s not all: during the preparation of the documentary, the director nino bizzarri, conversing with old friends and people who had loved and admired montand, discovered that the famous show-man had secretly made two trips to italy at a distance of forty years and he describes these two italian holidays in the film.