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Twentieth century - fragments from friuli

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Twentieth century - fragments from friuli

Titolo inglese: Nûfcent - videosclesis dal friûl
Anno: 2005
Durata: 5' x 10 episodi
Regista: Dorino Minigutti
Autore: Dorino Minigutti
Producer: r.a.m. ricerche audiovisive e multimediali

Colore: Color
Formato: DV
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: friulian
Sottotitolo: english
Genere: Docu-fiction
Paese di produzione: Italia

20 brief documentaries comprising fragments of the 20th-century history. this is a social history recounted by using only historical archive film from regional and foreign sources. history is never linear but cyclical. with this approach, we have reviewed the history of friuli as a continuous, unexhausted discovery and definition of an identity, which is forever changing but always firmly tied to one's roots. the narrative voices guide us, covering the events through the intimacy and appeal of the private diares of ordinary people. the aim is not simply to remember, to accumulate memories, but rather to render the experiences of the past as producers of sense and intelligibility.