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società dipendente

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La società dipendente

Titolo inglese: The addicted society
Anno: 2006
Durata: 52'
Regista: Patrizia Marani
Autore: Patrizia Marani

Colore: Color
Formato: DV
Lingua originale: italian
Sottotitolo: .
Genere: Personal Viewpoint
Paese di produzione: Italia

in our “best possible world” drugs, both legal and illegal, kill nearly 7 million people every year. this is the alarm bell of a widespread social malaise, isn’t it? ours is the society of pleasure. drug addiction is the emblem of a pointless, bulimic consumption of commodities and foodstuffs on sale in mammoth shopping centres. armies of people are made to wear new and fashionable uniforms every year. we overeat at every meal. it is a complex life, obsessed with buying, using and discarding objects. all time-honoured recipes for happiness have become out of and the family have become weak and inadequate institutions. an increasing number of youth have turned to the media and the new gurus of cinema and television for a guide. in the young people’s minds, the box-office-minded world of showbiz substitutes for reality. alcohol has morphed into a drug for us. alcoholic products and ads, as well as the traffic in illegal drugs, brazenly target the very young in order to increase their profits. our children – our future – have become expendable: they are sacrificed to the all-devouring new moloch, the mass market.for leonardo benvenuti, a university professor and the founder of sociotherapy, knowledge at the service of others is the key. from class-rooms to informal get-togethers at social centres all over italy, he tries to help people make sense of their troubles, to find novel secular ethics based on both reason and heart. our film follows this scientist-philosophe