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Something remainsnicaragua 22 years later

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Something remains nicaragua 22 years later

Titolo inglese: Something remains nicaragua 22 years later
Anno: 2001
Durata: 51'
Regista: luciano capelli and andrea ruggeri
Autore: yazmín ross
Producer: río nevado producciones
Distribuzione: Vitagraph s.a.s & vitagraph

Colore: Color
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: spanish
Sottotitolo: english
Genere: History
Paese di produzione: Italia

july 19, 1979: the sandinista liberation front conquers managua, the capital of nicaragua, overthrowing the regime of the dictator anastasio somoza. the last people’s revolution of the twentieth century is a triumph. its spirit inspires the existence of the people: its story is told by mothers who gave birth when anything seemed possible. it is also told by those children who grew up during the period when their dreams were demolished by the counter-revolution. an airplane pilot bears witness to the original revolutionary desire, a midwife remembers how she helped bring an entire village into the world.