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Like fossils

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Like fossils

Titolo inglese: Like fossils
Anno: 2002
Durata: 1'
Regista: luca pastore
Autore: maurizio pellegrini
SocietÓ di produzione: Stefilm International S.r.l.
Distribuzione: Stefilm International S.r.l.

Formato: 16 mm
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: italian
Sottotitolo: english
Genere: Arts & Culture
Paese di produzione: Italia

memory is the present of the past, vision is the present of the presentthe province of biella once the heart of the italian textile industry is host to an astonishing concentration of abandoned industrial structures removed from the collective memory, escaped from distruction, isolated by the new urban development.these architectural remins blend into the landscape like fossils crystallized in time.this experimental documentary portrays abandoned factory buildings in italy as dying witnesses of a once thriving industrial past with a visual style and a soundtrack where past, present and future seem to clash in violent echoes.