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 Terra Srl

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Terra Srl

Categories: Società di produzione
City: Roma
Address: Via Monte Giberto 15 138 Roma (RM) Italia
Tel: 068803344
Fax: 068812628

Terra is a dynamic, independent television production company based in Rome, Italy. Since 1990 Diego D’Innocenzo and Marco Leopardi develop and produce documentaries and documentary series for the Italian and international markets. The genres cover a broad spectrum of areas: anthropology, wildlife, science, society, technology, and current affairs. The company produces short fillers as well as feature-length documentary films. The new projects are realised in High Definition and delivered in HD and SD Digital Betacam, 16/9 and 4/3 aspect ratio. Our documentaries have reached a high level of quality, as it’s witnessed by the recent production “Living in a Perfect World”, a feature-length documentary film realised for National Geographic Channel International as a full-commission.


La Guerra degli dei (52') (2013): Producer

The Colony (26') (2011): Società di produzione

VIMANA the Flying Chariots of the Gods (26') (2011): Società di produzione

La Retta Via (52') (2010): Società di produzione

The Mystery of the Iron Pillar (26') (2010): Società di produzione

The Last Dance (54') (2009): Società di produzione

The Sacred Dancer (30') (2009): Società di produzione