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Chernobyl ,20 anni dopo

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Chernobyl ,20 anni dopo

Titolo inglese: Chernobyl ,20 years later
Anno: 2006
Durata: 52'
Regista: Marco Leopardi
Producer: Marco Leopardi
Distribuzione: GA&A International

Colore: Color
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: russian(interviews), italian (in
Sottotitolo: english dubbing
Genere: Investigation, Reportage & Current Affaires
Paese di produzione: Italia

four years ago massimo bonfatti started a project, called “humus”, to face the effects of contaminationafter the chernobyl disaster, and he chose the village of dubovy log, as this is one of the mostcontaminated villages in byelorussia.still today after 20 years about 2 and a half million people live with contamination in byelorussia.the economic crisis and high unemployment make it impossible to deal with this difficult situation.