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Durant la pluie

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Durant la pluie

Titolo inglese: Durant la pluie
Anno: 2005
Durata: 52'
Regista: Stefano Di Leo
Autore: Stella Savino & Stefano Di Leo & Nicolas Pascarel
Producer: lookout farm di stella savino

Colore: Color
Formato: DVCAM
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: english/french/cambodian/italian
Sottotitolo: english
Genere: Investigation, Reportage & Current Affaires
Paese di produzione: Italia

durant la pluie, tells the experience of a french photographer, nicolas pascarel, who has been working for the last 4 years on the theme of the memory in cambodia. his double look, as man and as photographer, crosses the places and the faces of this country in which the marks of the recent genocide impend like a shadow over the present and the future. on the 30th anniversary of the entry of red khmers in phnom penh, he goes back to cambodia to organise the exhibition of his work at the institute of french culture and at the museum of the genocide, s21, where, between '75 and '79, more than 18.000 people died. s21 is the pole around which runs his research. but also the houses occupied by pol pot's guards between '75 and '79 are still there, witnesses of the horrors of those years, so as the men and women to which nicolas pascarel speaks to, day by day.