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 Quasar Videoproduzioni

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Quasar Videoproduzioni

Categories: Audio service , Effetti speciali/grafica e animazione 3d , Montaggio , Realizzazione e duplicazione dvd , Video service
City: Carlino
Address: Via Marano 62 33050 Carlino (UD) Italia
Tel: 0431640587
Fax: 0431640587
Mobile: 3474432425

Quasar works in the production of audiovisuals since 2001. It was set by Michele Codarin and Giorgio Milocco, after several years of experience as cameramen in television and documentaries. They started producing fiction and documentaries at local level, with the aim of investigating the contemporary society, by comparing it with other historical periods or with small cultural realities. In 2008 the collaboration with Marta Zaccaron starts, and the company becomes Quasar Multimedia. Quasar is a young society of small dimensions, but with strong ambitions and potentialities. The aim is to produce documentaries of high level and distribute them in the international market.