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Titolo inglese: Ragpickers
Anno: 2006
Durata: 22'
Regista: marta zaccaron
Producer: Michele Codarin
Distribuzione: maiax s.r.l.

Colore: Color
Ratio: 16:9
Lingua originale: hindi
Sottotitolo: x
Genere: Arts & Culture
Paese di produzione: Italia

nepal is home to an estimated 2,6 million working children, the majority of which work in the informal sector. there are approximately 30000 street-based working children in nepal, many of them work as ragpickers.the back-ground of the conflict between hmg/nepal and maoists has increased rural-urban migration and the vulnerability of many families and children.poverty and diseases of many rural areas in nepal and in the nearby regions of india, are other reasons of the migration of many poor families in the big cities.once in town, without a job, and without knowing to do anything but cultivating the fields, the poorest families can not do anything but working in the streets doing the most humiliating and hard works.